Lamb Rendang with Rice

By The Weekly  

April 8, 2018

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We've given a spin to this classic rendang, cooking the lamb slowly until the coconut milk sauce thickens and is quite dry, the succulent meat becomes so tender it virtually falls apart.

  • Cook: 3 hrs 45 mins
  • Yields: Serves 4


2 tsps coriander seeds

¼ tsp ground turmeric

2 brown onions (400 g), chopped coarsely

4 cloves garlic, quartered

2 x 10 cm sticks fresh lemongrass (40 g), chopped coarsely

2 cm piece fresh galangal (10 g), sliced thinly

4 fresh small red Thai (serrano) chillies, chopped coarsely

2 fresh long red chillies, chopped coarsely

2 tbsps coarsely chopped coriander (cilantro) root and stem mixture

2 tbsps peanut oil

1.5 kg butterflied leg of lamb

1⅔ cups (410 ml) coconut milk

Steamed rice, to serve


1Dry-fry spices in small frying pan, stirring, about 1 min or until fragrant. Blend or process spices with onion, garlic, lemon grass, galangal, chillies and coriander root and stem mixture until mixture forms a paste.

2Preheat oven to 150 C. Heat half the oil in large flameproof baking dish; cook lamb, turning occasionally, until browned all over. Remove from dish.

3Heat remaining oil in same dish; cook paste, stirring, until fragrant. Add coconut milk; bring to the boil.

4Return lamb to dish; cook in oven, uncovered, turning occasionally, about 3 hours or until liquid has evaporated. Cover lamb; stand 10 mins before serving.

5Serve sprinkled with a little fresh coriander, and a bowl of steamed rice on the side.

Recipe & Photo: The Australian Women's Weekly/