roti kirai

Roti Kirai (Roti Jala)

By Elizabeth Liew  , ,

May 29, 2019

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Celebrity Chef Rita Zahara shares her family recipe for Roti Kirai, also known as Roti Jala, a kind of Malay crepe. Best served with a bit of salad, chilli sauce and chicken curry!


Watch the video guide below:

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: Serves 8


3 pandan leaves, tied into a knot to be used as a brush

1 tbsp ghee

Lettuce, as desired

Hard-boiled eggs, as desired

Tomatoes, as desired


1 L water

200 ml evaporated milk

500 g all-purpose flour

2 eggs, beaten

1 tbsp rice flour

t tsp salt

1 tsp yellow food colouring


Vegetable oil, as needed

6 red chillies

3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped

100 g raw peanuts, skinned

1-cm knob ginger, peeled and sliced

1 tbsp sugar

2 tbsps tomato ketchup



1Combine all CREPE BATTER ingredients in an electric blender. Test that batter is the right consistency using roti kirai mould. It should flow easily, if it is too thick adjust with some water. Mix well. Sift batter to remove any lumps.

2Add yellow food colouring and stir well until mixture is evenly coloured. Let batter stand for 5 minutes before using.

3Heat a large non-stick frying pan and coat lightly with ghee using pandan brush.

4Scoop batter using roti kirai mould and form crepes by moving mould over a pan in a circular motion. When crepe is lightly set, brush lightly with ghee. Fold crepe into a wedge and set aside on a serving plate.

5Repeat until batter is used up.


1Heat some oil in a frying pan. Fry peanuts until lightly browned. Drain well and leave to cool.

2Using a food chopper, grind cooled fried peanuts coarsely.

3Place other ingredients except tomato ketchup for chilli sauce in a blender and process. Transfer to a bowl and mix well with ground peanuts.

4Gently stir in tomato sauce until sauce is well combined.

5Serve roti kirai and kari ayam Malayu (Malay Chicken Curry), lettuce, tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs and chilli sauce on the side.