Spiced Cauliflower & Couscous Salad

By Sean Tan  

April 3, 2019

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Take your salad to the next level with this recipe that features spices like turmeric, garam masala and pepper, plus healthy coucous and cauliflower in the mix.

  • Prep: 40 mins
  • Yields: 4 Servings


1⁄3 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tsps brown mustard seeds

2 tsps nigella seeds

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 tsp garam masala

1 tsp sea salt

½ tsp ground white pepper

800 g cauliflower, cut into small florets

2 medium red onions, cut into thin wedges

1 cup couscous

1 tsp butter

1 bunch coriander, leaves picked and stalk chopped finely

1 cup mint leaves

2 tbsps lemon juice


1Preheat oven to 200 C. Line a large baking tray with baking paper.

2Combine the olive oil and spices into a large bowl; stir to combine. Add the cauliflower and toss to coat. Transfer to the lined baking tray, season well with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

3Roast for 40 mins or until the cauliflower is crisp and golden.

4Meanwhile, put the couscous and butter into a medium bowl and cover with ¾ cup of boiling water. Cover and stand for 10 mins. Using a fork, break up the couscous to separate the grains.

5In a large bowl, combine the couscous, cauliflower mixture, coriander leaves and stems, mint leaves and lemon juice. Gently toss to combine before transferring to a serving plate.

Recipe & Photo: John Paul Urizar/Bauersyndication.com.au