Spooky Web Cake With Oreo Spiders

By The Weekly  ,

October 28, 2016

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Get the Halloween party started with this sponge 'web' cake that comes with Oreo spiders crawling all over it!

  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Yields: 12 slices


250 g butter, softened

3 cups icing sugar, sifted

¼ cup milk

Few drops orange food colouring

2 store-bought plain sponge cakes

100 g white-choc melts, melted

20 cm length licorice strap

3 mini Oreo cookies, split

1 regular Oreo cookie, split

16 red mini M&M's


1To make buttercream icing, use an electric mixer to beat butter until pale. Slowly add half icing sugar until combined. Beat in milk and remaining icing sugar until smooth. Mix in orange food colouring.

2Trim tops of cakes to level. Dollop 1 tbsp buttercream onto one cake, spreading to cover. Top with other cake. Cover top and side of cake with buttercream, using a palette knife.

3Put melted chocolate in snaplock bag. Cut small tip from corner and drizzle chocolate over top of cake to form a web. Allow to set.

4Using melted white chocolate, draw 3 spider webs onto baking paper. Chill for 5 mins until set.

5Cut licorice into spider legs and use melted chocolate to attach to icing side of Oreos. Add M&M's for eyes and decorate cake as shown. To fix cookies, use melted chocolate and bamboo skewers.

TIP: Make this even faster by buying prepared buttercream icing and simply adding the orange food colouring.

Photo: Rob Shaw/bauersyndication.com.au