Squid & Shiso Sushi Rice Balls

By Sean Tan  ,

January 16, 2018

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These sushi rice balls are great for parties and they are very easy to make!

  • Yields: 4 sushi rice balls


100 g sushi rice

40 g squid

1 tsp yukari


1Cut squid at 45-degree angle diagonally 1 cm wide into slices

2Fire torch the squid for about a minute and immediately put into the ice water for 5 secs.

3Remove from the ice water and place on kitchen towel to absorb excess moisture on a towel.

4Using a blow torch, lightly torch the edges of the squid for about 5 secs. Set aside.

5Take a small palm-sized amount of sushi rice with wet hands and gently press together to make a ball.

6Dip one end of the sushi ball to coat with yukari.

7Place the squid on a cloth or square cling wrap and place the sushi rice ball with yukari-coated side onto the squid. Wrap and twist together to form a firm ball. Unwrap and gently remove the sushi ball.

8Place on the serving plate so that the squid on the top of the rice ball.

Recipe: Chef Tadao Fujisaki/Allspice Institute