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European Salmon Burger

by TheWeekly  /   April 26, 2018

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Who says burgers need to be greasy, fatty and unhealthy to taste nice? Here’s a yummy, nutritious version with salmon patty and lots of greens. The healthy recipe by Norwegian chef and restaurateur Chef Geir Skeie is truly for guilt-free indulgence.




Chop the salmon fillet nicely with a knife or grind it in a very coarse meat grinder and mix the salt into it to form a burger patty that is about 2 cm tall.


Mix mayonnaise, half of the smoked paprika powder, pepper powder, grilled paprika and garlic for dressing.


Brush the burger with olive oil mixed with the rest of the smoked paprika powder.4. Grill the burger on a hot-air grill or grill pan (or fry it in frying pan) for about 1 min on each side.


Warm the burger breads, preferably in the toaster.


Arrange the burger as in the picture.

Recipe & Photo: Chef Geir Skeie