Lemon Blossom Cocktail By Nigella Lawson

August 6, 2021

Makes 1
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Shake up a refreshing lemon blossom cocktail which carries the fragrance of elderflower alongside the zest and intensity of limoncello. Whether you’re having it while winding down or together with a fancy dinner spread, this unique and breezy drink is just what you need to cool down and relax.

This recipe is featured in Nigella Lawson’s new BBC show which focuses on her favourite recipes for home-cooking. Nigella’s Eat, Cook, Repeat, premieres in Singapore on Monday, 16th August at 7.00pm, on StarHub channel 432 and BBC Player.




To make one, pour limoncello, vodka, undiluted elderflower cordial and lemon juice into a cocktail shake.


Add a generous amount of ice cubes and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

Text: Nigella Lawson

Photo: Fremantle