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Nyonya Cocktail Salad (Kueh Pie Tee)

by ElizabethLiew  /   April 4, 2019

Makes 8
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This classic Peranakan dish of mixed fruits, vegetables and shrimp in a crunchy shell is surprisingly easy to make and sure to be a hit with both children and adults. Perfect for potlucks, picnics and parties! Recipe by Allspice Institute for The Weekly‘s Domestic Diva Cooking Masterclass 2019.




Cook the coconut cream under low heat (not boiling), until it is thick and creamy. Leave aside to cool overnight in fridge.


Wash the diced cucumber, jackfruit, star fruit (soak in iced water to prevent oxidation).


For the dressing, mix coconut cream with sambal belachan, lime juice and sugar. Lastly, add in the sliced shallots, kaffir lime leaves and ginger flower. The sauce should be spicy, sweet, sour and has a creamy texture from the coconut milk.


Mix the cut fruits and the dressing in a bowl. Arrange the fruit salad in the kueh pie tee shell, garnish with cooked shrimp and crispy shallots. Keep some dressing to drizzle on top of the salad before serving.

Chef Ambrose’s tips:

  1. Only fill the kueh pie tee shell when it’s time to eat. If you fill it too early, the shell will get soggy. If you’re serving it at a party, let your guests fill up the shells themselves!

Chef Ambrose is the Peranakan Chef at Allspice Institute.