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Texas BBQ Salmon Burger

by TheWeekly  /   April 26, 2018

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Salmon makes a great burger! Here, Norwegian chef and restaurateur Chef Geir Skeie transforms a fillet of salmon into a juicy burger, and added some real American BBQ sauce and a fresh home made coleslaw to complete the magic. Delicious with baked potatoes and a crispy green salad!




Finely chop the salmon with a knife, or grind in a coarse meat grinder. Mix with salt and shape into a 2-cm thick burger.


Grill the burger on high heat with some oil – or use a frying pan. About 1 min on each side.


Mix cabbage, carrot, mayo and salt to make coleslaw. Toast the brioche.


Layer coleslaw, greens, burger and BBQ sauce on the brioche.

Recipe: Chef Geir Skeie / Photo: Courtesy of Pink Fish