1. Dress Up Plain A Shirtdress With Prints And Accessories

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2. Opt For A Chain Strap Bag For A Classy Feel

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Hats Out

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4. Never Underestimate How Far Accessories Can Take You

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Whether it’s a necklace, scarf or a simple head piece, accessorising informs others that you’ve put in more thought into planning your outfit and definitely sets your a part from other people.

5. A Dark Coloured Oversized Jacket Is A Great Cover Up

6. 6. Opt For Flared Jeans If Ripped Jeans Aren’t Your Think

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7. Forget What You Know About Slippers: They’re In! 

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8. Up A Shirt And Shorts Combo With Elaborate Accessories

9. Find Different Ways To Carry Your Bag

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10. Contrast A Tough All-Denim Outfit With Feminine Pieces Like A Camisole

Text: Hidayah Idris/CLEO