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These days, fashion sneakers are the footwear of choice for most working women. Here are five guiding rules to follow if you’re looking to wear sneakers to work without looking too casual:

The 5 Golden Rules Of Wearing Sneakers To Work_White Sneakers

  1. When In Doubt, Stick to Classic White

When embarking on this trend for the first time, get yourself a pair of neat white sneakers. They’ll make you look polished and pull your look together.

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How To Properly Care For White Shoes_42. It’s Okay For Them To Get A Little Dirty

The keyword here is little. A speck of dirt here and there won’t hurt the style factor. However, be sure to wipe your sneakers down once they’ve started getting too dirty to keep them looking well-maintained.

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The 5 Golden Rules Of Wearing Sneakers To Work_Colour3. Let Your Sneakers Stand Out Once In A While 

Sure, sneakers can be casual but there are dressy ones available too. Brands like Common Projects, Sophia Webster and even Miu Miu make some stylish yet comfortable sneakers so you don’t always have to stick to wearing white.

Just remember where you’re wearing these sneakers to. So, don’t go overboard and get an overly elaborate pair.

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The 5 Golden Rules Of Wearing Sneakers To Work_Wearable4. Wear Them With Just About Anything You Feel Like 

Don’t just stick to wearing your sneakers with pants or jeans. Experiment and wear them with skirts of any length and even dresses.

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Photo Gym5. Don’t Take Your Sneakers To The Gym

Whether its your Nikes or your Yeezy Boosts, don’t mix your workout shoes with your fashion ones. Keep them separate so they last longer.

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