Photo: BlogLovin’ / Pinterest
    1. Putting them on before applying perfume or body scents

    Exposing them to perfume or scented oils means piling on harsh chemicals on to your gleaming pieces. It won’t take long before they get tarnished.

    2. Not removing them off instantly once you’re home

    We often forget about the existence of our tiny studs or ultra-thin necklaces once we get home. What comes after usually involves showering or sleeping while wearing them. Doing so will cause discolouration, hence damaging your costume jewellery.

    3. Wearing them everyday

    As much as we love our fashion jewellery, it wouldn’t be wise to wear them everyday. They will wear out faster if we do as we’re exposed to oil, water, other particles on a daily basis. Try alternating them if you must.

    4. Not cleaning them 

    Taking care of them like you would to your fine jewellery will definitely help maintain the shine on your pieces. Clean them with a jewellery cleaner or simply a polishing cloth.

    5. Storing them together 

    Doing so will cause discolouration or even damage to the pieces if they entangle. Keep the pieces stored individually either in dust bags or boxes.