1. Know Your Band Size

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Band size is the numbers that are found in bra sizes: 32, 34, 36… you get the drift. The only way to find out is to grab a measuring tape and measure the circumference of the area where the base of the bra is supposed to be. Round up fractions, and if your measurement is an odd number, try both the smaller and bigger sizes to see which fits better.

2. Find The Right Cup For Your Breast

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Measure your bust (the circumference around the nipple area), and then subtract the number from the band size. The difference corresponds to the cup. For example: 1 inch = A, 2 inch = B, 3 inch = C, 4 inch = D, 5 inch = DD.

3. Get The Right Fit

Bra and panties investment pieces from Triumph
Bra and panties investment pieces from Triumph

The bra should fit all around your chest area. This means, the cups have to settle nicely on your breasts, the elastic around your chest shouldn’t be too tight (or too loose) and the wire shouldn’t dig into your flesh, especially around the armpit area.

4. Find The Right Cut

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Different cutting has different effects. If you want more volume for your breasts, get a push-up bra. If you’re wearing tight clothes or a tee, a T-shirt bra is the best option. Go for a sports bra if you’re doing sports, which gives you ample support sans the wire. There’s a wide array of bra types for you to choose from.

5. It’s Important To Change It

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Like your dress size, your bra size will change as your body changes. Just because you were a 34B last year, it doesn’t mean you’ll remain the same size all your life. If you find the bra getting too tight or too loose (and it’s not due to wear and tear), you might need to start measuring yourself again to find one that fits nicely.

Text: Hidayah Idris/Cleo 

Additional Reporting: Atika Lim