1. Avoid Looking Like A School Girl 

5 Tips on Pulling Off Pleats_1

Pleats are commonly associated with skirts or pinafores worn by schoolgirls. To avoid that look, make sure the hemline of your skirt or dress falls past your knees.

Striped lurex silk-blend skirt, $2,610 from Gucci

2. Contrast, Contrast, Contrast

5 Tips on Pulling Off Pleats_2

Take inspiration from Gucci’s boy-meets-girl look: contrast the soft drapes of a pleated skirt with a sweater top or slim-fit knit polo shirt.

Photo: Gucci

3. Layer It 

5 Tips on Pulling Off Pleats_3

Layer a long pleated skirt underneath a shorter tunic and let the pleats peek out. Not all tops need to be tucked in at the waistband.

Jumpsuit with pleated bottom, $209 from Collate

4. Easy Does It 

5 Tips on Pulling Off Pleats_4

Keep it simple. An easy way to wear the trend is to pair a pleated skirt with a plain T-shirt. Wearing a top with details such as drapes, frills or texture can look messy.

Pleated Cayla skirt, $189.90 from Sabrina Goh

5. Go for Colour 

5 Tips on Pulling Off Pleats_5

Have fun with your outfits!

Orange pleated curved hem dress, $179 from Warehouse

Text: Alyssa Woo/The Straits Times 

Additional Reporting: Atika Lim