1. Wash Your Jeans In Cold Water Several Times 


This lets the loose dye come off so it doesn’t keep bleeding onto other clothes when you wash.

2. Use A Fabric Protector

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A spray on fabric protector is a short term solution that prevents dyes from rubbing off on your new leather bags.

3. Add A Cup of Vinegar Into The Wash


This will help seal in the colour and prevent it from bleeding. It might take a few rounds of washing for it to really seal through.

4. Put Your Jeans Through Several Rounds of Washing 


This will help to loosen up any more loose dyes and keep them soft too.

5. Soak Them in Cold Water and Vinegar


This should be the last resort but consider soaking your jeans in a bathrub of cold water and vinegar. Make sure the solution covers the entirety of your jeans.