1. Tied Ends

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Instead of tucking in your shirt, try tying the ends and leaving it loose for your own take on the cropped summer shirt!

2. With A Scarf

Add a western twist to your look with a bandanna or a scarf tied stylishly around your neck.

3. Add A Turtleneck


Try a bit of creative layering by adding a thin fitted turtleneck underneath your shirt. It will give you an air of ’70s sophistication.

4. As An Off-Shoulder Top

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If you love the off-shoulder trend but don’t want to waste your money on something so fleeting, convert your shirt into one by leaving more unbuttons undone and shimmying it over your shoulders.

5. Under A Slip Dress


Slip dresses are great, but can sometimes veer into the NSFW territory, especially in an office environment. Try layering a shirt underneath to give a day time appeal to this bedroom classic.

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