Who: Tjin Lee, Entrepreneur.

Style Hack: “I apply an unscented moisturizer over my wrists and neck before spritzing my perfume. Oil helps to seal the scent in, hence helping it to stay through the day.”

Valentino Donna, $185, from Sephora.
Photo: Fadli Rahman

Who: Randolph Tan, Celebrity Stylist.

Style Hack: “When you’re travelling, hang your crumpled clothes near the hot shower and the steam will magically de-wrinkle them.”

Top, $69, from American Eagle Outfitters.

Who: Janice Pidduck, Fashion Director at The Singapore Women’s Weekly

Style Hack: “A makeup artist once told me that a tinge of highlighter at the cupid’s bow makes skinny top lips, like mine, look fuller. It works!”

BECCA skin perfector in opal, $62, from Sephora.
Photo: @tracyjoyphillips

Who: Tracy Joy Phillips, Creative Consultant.

Style Hack: “Whenever I feel uninspired with my current wardrobe, I go for a haircut instead of buying more clothes. With a new fresh ‘do, I find myself gravitating towards different things to wear in my existing closet.”

fionaWho: Fiona Fussi, Model.

Style Hack: “The key to avoid impulse shopping? Wait a day, and if you still catch yourself thinking about it, go back and get it guilt-free!”

Photo: @annabel_t

Who: Annabel Tan, Style Influencer.

Style Hack: “To remove smudges on my bags, I use melamine sponges from Daiso.”

Photo: 123RF



Who: Neo Li Rong, Celebrity Stylist.

Style Hack: The secret to wearing shoes with extra long ankle straps? Don’t bother wrapping them all the way up to your calves, but tie them only around your ankles and then fasten it with a secure knot.

Soludos flats, $129, from Robinsons.



Who: Vera Mao, Style Influencer.

Style Hack: “I keep my dazzlers shinier for longer by wiping then down with a micro-fiber cloth to retain their shine.”

Jemsa necklace, $35, from