Looking For An Induction Cooker Hob Here Are 10 To Shop

Instead of using gas to heat up the stove, an induction cooker, or induction stove runs on electricity to heat up the cookware directly with an electromagnetic field generated to induce an electric current within the cookware.

With this method of cooking, only the cookware gets heated, while the rest of the cooktop remains cool and safe to touch.

Aside from induction cooktops, other similar cooking methods that use electricity also include electric or ceramic cooktops, as well as infrared heating.

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10 Induction Cookers In Singapore To Check Out

Without further introduction, here are the 10 best induction and electric stoves available in Singapore, with more combination cooking hob options that are designed with greater flexibility in mind.

Tokit portable induction cooktop

Tokit Portable Induction Cooktop, $113

Best portable induction cooker

Have you always wanted to cook on your kitchen island but you do not have a proper cooktop installed? With the portable induction cooktop from Tokit, you can cook everywhere from the kitchen island to the dining table.

Despite its slim and lightweight design, the induction cooktop has built-in cooling fan on all four sides that ensures a smooth and safe cooking process, which can be conveniently stowed away when it is not in use.

Tokit Portable Induction Cooktop is retailing for $113 at Tokit.

Fujioh induction and ceramic cook top

Fujioh Hybrid Hob with Induction and Ceramic Zones FH-IC6020, $858

Best induction and ceramic cooker

Specific cookware like the ones with magnetic bases or made of stainless steel are required on induction cooking hobs.

However, you do not have to be limited with the cookware options when you have both induction and ceramic cooking zones on the Fujioh Hybrid Hob. A wider range of cookware, including the ones made of glass, copper, and aluminum can be used on ceramic cooktops.

Fujioh Hybrid Hob with Induction and Ceramic Zones FH-IC6020 is available for $858 at Shopee.

Tecno hybrid induction and gas cooktop

Tecno Gas-Induction Hybrid Glass Hob T788GI, $878

Best induction and gas cooker

No need to choose your sides deciding between a gas or induction hob when you have a happy marriage of both in the Tecno hybrid hob to get the best of both worlds.

With the induction hob on the left, you can ensure a safer cooking experience as it comes with an automatic shut-off timer function and greater energy efficiency. The gas burner on the right provides you with greater culinary options since it is suitable across any cookware including a round bottom wok.

Tecno Gas-Induction Hybrid Glass Hob T788GI is retailing for $878 at Tecno.

Fisher & Paykel's electric cooktop

Fisher & Paykel Electric Cooktop CE604CBX2, $1,250

Best electric cooktop

With up to four heating elements, it is convenient to cook multiple dishes at once to save time if you are all for hosting regular dinner parties.

The best part about this electric cooktop from Fisher & Paykel has to be the classic dial controls, where it is easy to turn the dial to adjust the cooking temperature freely as touch screen buttons are a pain to use when your fingers are wet.

Fisher & Paykel Electric Cooktop CE604CBX2 is available for $1,250 at Fisher & Paykel.

Rinnai 2 zone induction cooktop

Rinnai 2-Zone Induction Hob, $1,290

Best induction cooker with smart wheel control

Having touchscreen buttons on induction hobs ensures its seamless and sleek operation. Amping up a notch, the smart wheel control on Rinnai’s new induction hob is designed for more precise heat and timer settings while enjoying improved usability.

On top of the induction hob, you will find two cooking zones with auto pan recognition sensors and anti-overflow protection. Available in both grey and black glass designs.

Rinnai 2-Zone Induction Hob is retailing for $1,290 at Rinnai.

Electrolux domino induction cooktop

Electrolux UltimateTaste 500 Induction Hob with 2 Cooking Zones, $1,398

Best domino induction cooker

Rather than going for the regular horizontal cooking stoves, this Electrolux induction domino hob comes with 2 vertical cooking zones that cleverly save precious kitchen space.

The Bridge function allows you to combine 2 cooking zones into one, where larger pots and pans can be placed on top for even heating, and where time and temperature can be controlled consistently too.

Electrolux UltimateTaste 500 Induction Hob with 2 Cooking Zones is available for $1,398 at Electrolux.

Teka infinity induction cooktop

Teka Infinity G1 Hob, $3,300

Best induction cooker with matte finish

Uniquely designed with an exclusive matte black finish and a copper accent, the Teka Infinity G1 Hob adds a touch of understated elegance and a one-of-a-kind velvet-like texture to the kitchen.

Beyond the richness of its aesthetics, you can also whip up perfectly cooked meals with built-in sensors that adjust to the right cooking temperature for you, along with the large FlexiZone where you can conveniently position pots of varying sizes for simultaneous cooking.

Teka Infinity G1 Hob is available for $3,300 at Teka.

Miele SmartLine induction cooktop

Miele SmartLine CS 7 612 FL, $4,900  

Best frameless induction hob

Elevate induction cooking with the elegant and multi-faceted Miele SmartLine induction hob.

On the frameless glass ceramic, you will find the PowerFlex cooking zones with permanent pan recognition for an easier and more intuitive setup, eliminating manual activation. Aside from large pans, you can also fit in the induction wok module that allows you to do your favourite stir-frying with a wok.

Miele SmartLine CS 7 612 FL is retailing for $4,900 at Miele.

Gaggenau Vario Flex induction cooktop

Gaggenau Vario Flex Induction Cooktop 400 Series, $4,950

Best modular induction cooktop

There is no limit to what you can cook with the modular Gaggenau Vario Flex 400 Series, equipped with professional-standard technology.

Accompanied by stainless steel knob, the Vario Flex induction cooktop is also designed with stainless steel frame and comes with frying sensor. Customise and create the cooktop of your dreams by adding the different sizes and modules of induction, gas, teppanyaki, electric grill, and also downdraft ventilation for a cohesive cooking experience.

Gaggenau Vario Flex Induction Cooktop 400 Series is retailing for $4,950 at UnserHaus Customer Care Centre.

Smeg induction hob and downdraft hood

Smeg Hobd Venting Induction Hob HOBD682R1, $8,080

Best induction hob with extraction

Meet Smeg’s Hobd, the perfect combination of a hood and a hob for a seamless cooking and extraction process. Made with a single piece of ceramic glass, the induction hob features four cooking zones that can be flushed completely for a pure and minimal look.

In the integrated extractor fan, you will find an AquaProof Engine and liquid collectors that help to ensure that everything is still functioning, even in the event of spills and overflow of water or other liquids.

Smeg Hobd Venting Induction Hob is available for $8,080 at Smeg.

Induction vs electric cooker stove

With all these new technologies floating around, it does get a little confusing for consumers like you and I! What is the difference between an induction hob vs electric hob? Let’s find out:

Induction cooktopElectric cooktop
Heating methodsUses an electromagnetic field to induce electric current to heat up the cookware directlyUses thermal conduction to transfer heat from the metal coil to the surface, then to the cookware
Heating timeHeat is transferred to the cookware directly with lesser energy lossHeat is transferred to the surface through infrared energy before heating up the cookware
Compatible cookwaresWorks with a selected range of induction-friendly cookware made of ferromagnetic materialWorks with a larger range of cookware, including glass, copper, and aluminum.

Modern and stylish looks aside, both induction and electric cooktops are easy to clean, where spills and splatters can be removed with a quick wipe after the heating is turned off.

Safety is one of the key benefits of induction cooking as it does not require any open flame and reduces the risk of getting burns.

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