The arrival of a new baby calls for celebration. While flowers, hampers, and teddy bears are always appreciated, gold jewellery make thoughtful, lasting gifts to welcome the new addition and congratulate the new parents.

Presenter-host Sara Ann K, mum to Milo, three, and Tofu, 8 months, recalls, “When both my sons were born, my gynaecologist gave me gold nameplate bracelets with their names engraved on them. My children are very much miracles as they were emergency C-section babies. So it was very special to me, that the woman who helped bring them safely into this world, gave me such meaningful gifts that I will always treasure.”

Kelly Latimer with Luca and Sienna. Luca wears a Poh Heng Baby Bangle, while Sienna wears a Baby Minnie Pendant and Poh Heng Baby Anklet on her wrist.

For presenter and content creator Kelly Latimer, jewellery is not just a meaningful gift, it also represents an enduring bond between different generations. The mother-of-two says: “My children are very lucky. My parents adore them and my mum especially, will always go out of her way to give them cherished pieces.”

As a baby, Kelly herself received gold coin pendants, lockets, and a jade amulet from her grandparents – treasured gifts she now regards as family keepsakes. She plans to continue the tradition with Sienna, 7, and her newborn son, Luca.

 A Poh Heng piece for every milestone 

Legacy jewellery items are precious and they are synonymous with homegrown brand Poh Heng. With over 70 years of history as Singapore’s trusted jeweller, Poh Heng’s pieces have been passed down through generations. The brand combines thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship to offer signature 18k, 22k and 24k gold jewellery that range from the traditional to the more contemporary – with each piece Created for Love.

Poh Heng Baby Bracelets with assorted charms

Created for Love, Poh Heng’s latest campaign, highlights the brand’s commitment to create jewellery pieces of rich heritage and significance for customers for every momentous event in their lives – be it an engagement, wedding, anniversary or the birth of a child.

From left: Poh Heng Explorer Mickey, Classic Baby Minnie, and Baby Pooh Pendants

For a memorable gift to welcome a new addition to the family, look to Poh Heng’s Baby collection, available in both 22k and 24k gold. From charm bracelets to anklets, rings, bangles, and even medallions, each piece in the collection is crafted from 22k yellow gold with a variety of designs that will grow with Baby. The adorable designs include symbolic charms such as teddy bears and pacifiers, as well as beloved Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet, that will still appeal to kids as they grow up.

Tofu wears a Poh Heng Baby Bracelet (with engraving option); Joshua, wears a Poh Heng Baby Anklet

Kelly adds, “Jewellery is such a symbolic gift and a tradition in our family. When I give baby jewellery to my kids, my words to them will be: ‘Gold is a physical treasure, one to be cherished. But more than that, it is a representation of what you are to me: my treasure. And I will always cherish you.’”

When Sara Ann welcomed baby Tofu, she received a precious piece of jewellery for her son. She shares, “For his birth, I received the most beautiful engraved Poh Heng anklet for him. It is, to date, still one of the most treasured pieces we have as it came from very dear friends of mine. Every time I see it, it still brings a smile to my face, and reminds me of each one of the three wonderful women whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and call friends.”

From left: Pacifier, Teddy Bear, and Fairy Pendants

Whether it’s a cute character bracelet or a classic gold anklet, these jewellery pieces are memorable and convey your love and well wishes. For Jasmine Chong, co-founder of Lab Studios, gold jewellery gifts to her son, Joshua, when he turned 100 days old, remain very special and significant. She says: “My mother-in-law and sister both gifted him a piece of gold jewellery. Joshua’s Chinese name means ‘abundance’. To us, he has been such an abundance of joy, and that’s why all his gifts carry the meaning of blessings and abundance.”

For Sara Ann, the precious gold jewellery for her children bears so much meaning that she wants to keep them in the family for a long time. She says: I probably will pass them on to their future wives, just to remind them of how precious my sons are to me.”

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