White rice is an important food staple, so it is only right to put the best on your family table. You won’t do any better than with Royal Umbrella Thai Hom Mali Rice, a top-tier product of the brand’s Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) Plus programme – the grains sourced are quality controlled and cultivated through environmentally-friendly processes and sold at a fair market price. A team of experienced and knowledgeable rice specialists is assigned to work closely with paddy field farmers – the rice even undergoes DNA-testing to ensure its authenticity.

What results is a long grain rice with a natural, nutty aroma and refined pandan-like flavour. Cooked well, these narrow white strong grains will end up fluffy and fragrant, with the grains staying separate, making it perfect for a fried rice recipe. At $15.80 (5 kg).


Royal Umbrella products are available at major supermarkets and minimarts.

A Royal Umbrella special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly