For delicious and immaculate roasts, bakes and grilled dishes, you’ll need an intelligent oven that’s designed for nothing less. This state-of-the-art unit by renowned French appliance maker, Brandt, lets you cut down on your cooking time with nine preset autocook functions. All you have to do is select your preferred programme and the oven takes care of everything else – from cooking time to temperature setting – helping you achieve a beautifully-cooked dish every time.

Safety features include the cool door which is safe to touch even during cooking and pyrolysis, and its soft close function ensures the door won’t slam on your fingers. Finally, its exclusive PyroExpress function uses residual cooking heat to thoroughly self-clean in just 59 minutes, instead of the traditional two-hour cycle. Talk about saving time and the environment! At $2,419.


Brandt appliances are available at all leading electronics dealers and retailers. Website:

A Brandt special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly