It can be tricky to find the time to regularly prepare food for your brood while maintaining a busy lifestyle. So there’s absolutely no room to fuss with finicky, single-use tools, or to make multiple servings of the same dish because your appliances just aren’t big enough. 

But with Ninja Foodi’s 8-in1 6L Multi Cooker OP300, you can make a myriad of restaurant-worthy meals quickly and easily – all thanks to this coveted all-in-one appliance that’s taking Singapore by storm.

Ninja Foodi 8-in1 6L Multi Cooker OP300

Despite being a relatively new product to the local market, it’s already proving a huge hit among savvy, time-starved home cooks. In fact, it’s already sold out numerous times due to its popularity and high demand.

The Ninja Foodi 8-in1 6L Multi Cooker OP300 merges innovative technologies to offer a unique multi-functional cooking system. While most multi cookers merely feature different temperature functions, this is the only Ninja Foodi product to offer a powerful combined air-fryer and pressure-cooker option: which allows you to whip up faster, healthier and tastier meals.

The Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 6L Multi Cooker OP300

Be it air-fried chicken that’s juicy on the inside and oh-so-crispy on the outside or fall-off-the-bone pressure-cooked ribs, this handy and versatile appliance gives you the confidence to cook all manner of tasty delicacies up to 70% faster than traditional methods.

Need some everyday cooking inspiration? Thanks to Ninja Foodi’s highly active member recipe-sharing group, users can access a wide range of delicious and practical recipes contributed by the local community. Visit them here for ideas on what to cook next.

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