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Whether you spread it or slather it, SKIPPY® has got you covered. Now, to make it even more convenient for you to get your peanut butter fix for the day, you can squeeze it! Watch the video above to see five deliciously easy food hacks with SKIPPY® Squeeze, and read more about this innovative award winner below. 

SKIPPY® Squeeze comes in an innovative soft squeeze pouch for portability, so you can snack on your favourite nut butter wherever you go – be it at the office, an outdoor picnic or on your next trip overseas.

The no-mess packaging is designed so you can savour the yummy lip-smacking peanut butter – without the inconvenience of storing jars, and using and washing knives. With SKIPPY® Squeeze, you just need one squeeze and out comes the nutty deliciousness! No more sticky fingers, too. At $4.30 (290 g). SKIPPY® Creamy also comes in jars — 500 g ($6.75), 340 g ($5.25) and 170 g ($3.45).

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter

Try these peanut butter variants too:

SKIPPY® products are available at major supermarkets and minimarts.

A SKIPPY® special, created by The Singapore Women’s Weekly