Photo: @nutmegandhoney

Those blessed with baking talents are taking to Instagram to showcase their jaw-dropping work and they are seriously drool-worthy!

If you have strength enough to see these decadent delights pop up on your Instagram feed every day and not run to the nearest patisserie, these ten bakers are definitely worth the follow.


Meghan is a food blogger and baker, who is slightly obsessed with creating amazing macarons.

We absolutely adore her post featuring macarons filled with strawberry ice-cream, but it isn’t her only crazy take on the French dessert. Check out her other pretty creations!

Photo: @nutmegandhoney


The Cake Blog, created by Carrie Sellman, is a blog and Instagram page that will take your cake inspiration to a whole new level.

She and her contributors make even a simple cake into a masterpiece.

Photo: @thecakeblog


Emily Lael Aumiller is the chef and owner at a Brooklyn vegan and gluten-free cake studio, which is very Brooklyn right now.

Her designs feature everything from cute little doughnuts to nine layer cakes.

Photo: @laelcakes


This Chicago-based baker doesn’t use any molds, stencils or mats when she designs her cookies.

Liz Tammy’s designs are almost geometric in nature, and will definitely pull you in at first glance.

Photo: @illustratedcookies


Lottie and Belle is a small cake decorating company in Perth, and their cakes are almost like staring into a rainbow – that is how bright and colourful they are.

Photo: @lottieandbelle


Mak Mak has some of the most creative macaron flavours around, from fairy bread to buttery choc chip. Just look at these irresistible “Big Maks” hamburger macarons!

This Newtown-based macaron shop in Sydney is sure getting our attention.

Photo: @makmakmacarons


Under the pseudonym Cake Boy, this San Francisco baker is making waves among the best of the best in the City of Love.

His simple decorating style is something not always seen when it comes to the bakers of Instagram, and so it is refreshing to see something so simple done so well.

Photo: @cakeboyparis


Whilst Los Angeles-based Adrianna Adarme doesn’t just stick to baked goods, her incredible cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies make our mouths water.

If only we could eat the food we see on Instagram…

Photo: @acozykitchen

Text: Claudia Poposki/The Australian Women’s Weekly

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