Vanilla ice-cream with lemon
The mix of tangy lemon juice and creamy vanilla is delish!

1. LEMON-VANILLA SCOOP Slice a lemon and squeeze over a fresh scoop of vanilla ice-cream in a small bowl. Wait for a few seconds for the juice to start freezing into the tiny cracks of the scoop, and enjoy the creamy-citrusy dessert!

2. ICE-CREAM SANDWICH Place 1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream between 2 choc-chip ccokies, quickly roll in choc chips, wrap in plastic wrap and place in freezer until firm.

3. CHOCO CONE Pour 2 tbsps melted chocolate into the bottom of a waffle cone, chill for 5 mins, add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Dip the ice-cream into a small bowl of melted chocolate and roll in crushed peanuts until covered. Place in freezer until set.

4. BANANA SPLIT Don’t forget this old fave! Place 3 scoops of vanilla ice-cream on top of a sliced banana. Finish with a swirl of cream, chopped nuts and cherries. Drizzle with chocolate sauce.

Text: Woman’s Day, Bauer Syndication / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan
Photo: Pixabay