(Photo: Pixabay)
(Photo: Pixabay)

1. Chicory Root
It sounds strange, but when ground and prepared like coffee, chicory root – the roots of the chicory flower – comes close to tasting like the same thing.

It seems that chicory root has been saving the day for coffee lovers everywhere for hundreds of years; it was used as an affordable substitute during The Great Depression and World War II, when the real thing was either too expensive or just not accessible.

Sounds like a good deal to us!

Hot Chocolate
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2. Hot Chocolate
The sweetness of the hot chocolate will give you that satisfying “pick me up” in the morning, and it’s another way to warm up in the cold office.

If you do want to keep an eye on the calorie content, try switching out whole milk for vanilla soy or unsweetened almond milk.

Hibiscus Tea
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3. Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus tea, according to medical studies, is packed full of iron, which gets plenty of oxygen to the brain.

Iron also provides us with the energy we need to carry out our usual daily demands, both physical and mental, but without the post-espresso jitters.

(Photo: Pixabay)
(Photo: Pixabay)

4. Matcha Green Tea
Matcha is made by grounding the entire green tea leaf into a fine powder that, when mixed with hot water, becomes a bright green, antioxidant-rich blend of frothy goodness.

A cup at the start of the day can perk you up, while a cup at the end of the day can help calm down your senses and relax you.

(Photo: Pixabay)
(Photo: Pixabay)

5. Hot Maca
Maca is a root that originates from Peru, and has been touted as a powerhouse of nutrients and restorative qualities.

It also delivers sustainable energy to the drinker, meaning you won’t be hitting those lows after the caffeine fairies disappear.

You can make the drink by mixing maca powder with warm almond or cashew milk, and sweetening it with maple syrup.

Text: The Australian Women’s Weekly / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan 
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