Ever since his famous Oscar acceptance speech, Leonardo DiCaprio has been using his Instagram account to highlight the plight of climate change and of course, document the many conservation trips he’s taken.

We take a look at the five times the Oscar award-winning actor looked ridiculously good while saving the Earth:

  1. That time he held fingers with a Sumatran orangutan 

Yeah, we wish we were that orangutan too.

2. That time he looked so good in the jungle, even an elephant couldn’t resist…

Watch the trunk, buddy!

3.  That time he was promoting a book about climate change 

If this warrants a meet and greet, we’ll take a million copies, thanks!

4. When looked on at the arctic abyss with such might and longing 

It made us all wish he looked at us that way too…

5. That time he installed a snow accumulation monitoring station and looked like he was freezing… 

Let us know if we can help keep you warm, Leo!

Find out a little more about Leonardo’s climate change foundation and what you can do to help with donations and projects, here