1. Top Down View
Think of this as the equivalent of fashion’s flat lay shoots. It’s a trick many foodies use, and with good reason. Many dishes look great from the top down.

Photo: @randylim27

4. Pepper With Props
Having some props like cutlery, a flower vase or even your accessories in the background can help amp up your photo’s lifestyle quotient. But avoid overcrowding the dish you are shooting – remember the motto that “less is more” in food photography.

Photo: @msoinkee

5. Make Food Move
This applies mainly to videos but can also translate to photos too. The process of food in movement is very exciting in a picture – think of an oozing “liu sha bao”, dipping a potato fritter into sauce or pouring gravy over a dish. Be sure to capture the moment in these processes.

Photo: @spadely

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