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Every Domestic Diva knows that what elevates a modern kitchen to the next level is by stocking it with a set of quality and attractive kitchenware. When it comes to cookware, the functionality and features that suit your needs are key to selecting the perfect set; and of course the aesthetics is a determining factor too.

If you are in the market for a set of new cookware, or are considering upgrading to something better, look no further than the newly-released Corningware® Retroflam by the leading houseware provider World Kitchen. This top-of-the-range cookware will be your pride and joy, here’s why:

Corningware Retroflam

It’s Effective & Fast
The specially designed radiating grooves at the base of Corningware Retroflam ensures even heat distribution so that your food is cooked evenly with no surface drying, charring or pan residue. As a result, it also cooks your food faster and better, with less energy consumption – a definite plus!

It’s Safe & Energy-Efficient
Quality materials form the core of the Corningware Retroflam to create a perfect synergy for healthy and safe cooking. The aluminium core offers excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring energy efficiency. A titanium base – a strong, non-toxic metal – coats the interior and exterior of the cookware. And finally, a pearl ceramic coating seals the cookware’s interior and exterior to create a perfect non-toxic and nonstick hard surface.

It’s Pretty & Lasting
The sparkling pearl ceramic coating not only functions as a high heat-resistant nonstick surface, but also adds to the unique aesthetic appeal of the Corningware® Retroflam. Created from the Earth’s natural sustainable materials, it is naturally inert and enables safe cooking of acidic and alkali ingredients prevalent in Asian cuisine. Use it with loving care and as with all Corningware® products, you can be assured that this radiant cookware will serve you and your family well through many memorable meals.

Corningware® Retroflam, from $109, is available in four functional shapes, in Red Ruby or Green Emerald, from leading department stores.

Brought to you by Corningware Retroflam.
As featured in the October 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.