The Weekly‘s annual Domestic Diva Cooking Masterclass is BACK! Last year’s event was a blast, and we expect this year’s cooking masterclass to be even more fun – you not only get to pick up culinary skills from professional chefs, but also make new friends, win chances at the lucky draw and get to bring home an attractive goodie bag, worth over $200!

Allspice Institute - reception
Allspice Institute offers a cosy environment and state-of-the art facilities to inspire your culinary passion.

For the first time, we are holding the cooking masterclass at Allspice Institute, a culinary school that is known for providing a holistic learning experience and environment for development and research in the field of hospitality and culinary arts. Click through the gallery below to learn more about Allspice Institute:

Don’t miss your chance to attend this once-a-year event, go to EVENT: The Weekly’s Domestic Diva Cooking Masterclass! for more information and to sign up now!

Text: Sean Tan / Photos: Allspice Institute

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