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Bake with love, bake just like for my own family ?

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Dessert designs are getting more extravagant by the minute!

With doughnuts being served up in the shape of bouquets and magical unicorn desserts taking baking to another level, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to plating up an impressive treat.

Now we’ve seen all types of fabulous plating and intricate dessert decorations, but this stunning new trend is shocking even us.

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They’re called succulent, or terrarium, cakes. And even serial plant killers will have a hard time ruining these.

The beauties are made by piping colourful buttercreams into patterns that resemble succulents.

Photo: @pretty_happy_baker

The larger ones, the centrepiece succulents, are created on baking paper before being chilled for about 10 minutes and being placed on the cake.

For ease, a flower nail can be placed under the baking paper to prevent any droopy succulents, as well as providing the control you need to get them perfect. Then, the smaller filler pieces are piped directly onto the cake.

Photo: @bakulkueindo

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We have tomorrows for a reason. ?

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A baker based in Jakarta, Ivenoven, was one of the first to start this amazing baking trend. She started baking in 2013 after being inspired by her godma’s baking recipes, and has since expanded her passions into a business.

Photo: @ivenoven

These cakes make the perfect gift for that special occasion. And who wouldn’t choose something like this beautiful “cake bouquet” over the traditional wedding cake?

Photo: @ivenoven

People are getting super creative with this trend, mixing colours and styles of succulents to create and almost life-like garden on top of cakes and even mini cupcakes.

Photo: @the_crystal_cupcakery

So, say goodbye to your classic floral cake decor, because there is a new food trend in town – and we are happily jumping on that train.

Photo: @ivenoven

Text: The Australian Women’s Weekly / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan

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