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Introducing the Betty Crocker Quick Cake mix that makes scrumptious and rich-tasting cakes without you having to turn the oven on! This yummy goodness now comes in individual packets and makes a perfect snack for your little munchkins. All you need is Betty Crocker Quick Cake mix and milk. Mix it thoroughly and pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds… Voila! A freshly made serving of cake is ready! These quick cake mixes come in three yummy flavours – chocolate, vanilla and coffee.

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Betty Crocker has been in the forefront of instant cakes for nearly a hundred years. The mixes are a staple in every household – be it Betty’s cake, cookie, brownie, muffin or pancake mixes. It is ideal for the busy Singaporean mum whose kids adore baked goods.

To add an extra oomph to the cake, try adding peanut butter to a slightly cooled cake or top a chocolate cake with a chocolate-hazelnut spread. For something lighter, serve a vanilla cake with fresh cream and strawberries.

The Betty Crocker Quick Cake is also handy for pot luck parties and last minute guests who show up at your doorstep!

Enjoy Betty Crocker’s Quick Cake anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re making it for a special event or just craving for a snack, the mix is everything you need for a quick cake fix.

Betty Crocker Quick Cake is available in major supermarkets and convenience stores.

Brought to you by Betty Crocker.
As featured in the October 2016 issue of The Singapore Women’s Weekly.