1. IlaoIlao

The popular frozen yoghurt place has been getting some Pokémon sightings; what’s better than enjoying these sweet treats and seeing Pikachu pop up?

Photo: @shalnyong

3. Aji-ichi Kallang Wave Mall

The Japanese fare here is delicious and prices are affordable… and now you can catch some Pokémons here!

Photo: @aji.ichi

4. Jones The Grocer

Shop for your artisanal produce here, sit down for a cup of latte and capture some Pokémons at the same time.

Photo: @thetwelvestories

5. Cedele

The breads and soups here are always great, and this picture tells us you can find Charmander there too.

Photo: @wohenshy

7. Maki-san

Maki-san sells healthy Japanese-style wraps and the one at i12Katong has an Eggxecute; in fact, we heard the food places there have lots of higher level Pokémons lurking around. Maybe the mall has set up lots of lures…

Photo: @i12katong

8. Nene Chicken

The Korean fried chicken here is yummy, and it looks like the Scape branch has lots of Pokémons there too!

Photo: @nenechickensg

9. Chocolate Origin

We don’t know if eating chocolate gelatos and catching Pokémons go well together, but it sure is sweet if you can find a Beedrill.

Photo: @chocolateorigin

10. Black Nut

Looking for a place for after-work drinks or supper with friends? Try this place with fantastic cocktails and prepare for a fun bonding session with Pokémon trainer buddies.

Photo: @blacknutsg