Paris has Cartier, New York has Tiffany & Co., and with time, perhaps Singapore will have State Property.

We’re not referring to government buildings here, but homegrown luxury jewellery brand State Property, which is started by Ruiyin Lin and Afzal Imran. Since opening their brand in 2015, the young label has garnered plenty of affection amongst a growing group of fans, thanks to their immaculately crafted pieces that border between jewellery and art.

Everything that State Property does has a leaning towards modern design. Their jewellery are wearable, beautiful to look at and they’ve found a winning formula that allows them to take the traditions and rarified techniques of the jewellery world and turn it on its head. Much like Tiffany & Co., State Property’s work delights you when you look at it behind a glass case, but looks elegant when worn.

We caught up with Ruiyin to learn more about the label, as well as tips on how you can wear them!

Tell us a bit more about your background, and the roots of State Property?
I’ve been pursuing jewellery design since 2007, starting with night classes at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art whilst I was still in junior college. After that, I graduated from a bachelor degree in jewellery design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2014.

I met Afzal, my co-founder, who is an industrial designer while we were still in design school, through common friends. We were always very involved in each others work throughout school.

When we graduated, we came together and founded Proper People, a creative agency. A year later, we started State Property—a luxury label set out to blur the line between art and design, through the mediums of jewellery and objects. We wanted to create pieces that we ourselves would want to wear and own. I am largely involved in the jewellery portion, whilst Afzal handles the objects.

Describe your brand’s ethos in three words.
Subtle Bold Statements.


What’s the latest collection inspired by?
“Cosmic Orchestra” (pictured above), our latest collection, continues its exploration of the symbiotic melody between space and time. This tight edit of six statement earrings are an extension of our previous collection “A Chromatic Interlude”, inspired by the idea of deliberate displacement found in music expressed through misalignment, sequence, typology and colour.

Why the name “State Property”?
State Property represents to us something both tangible and intangible – the implication of physicality in ‘property’ in contrast with the abstractness of ‘state of mind’.

Images: Facebook, Showbit, State Property.

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