9 Black Dresses Under $100 to Hide A Few Extra Pounds

Black dresses are a blessing. The colour black can look formal, casual, prim and proper, as well as sexy. On its own, it is already a slimming shade.

Black hides bulge and muffin tops. It can also conceal the look of a few extra pounds – even for a flowy dress. Needless to say, roomy, comfy black dresses are a godsend to all. Whether it is a mini, midi or maxi dress, you can easily dress up or dress down a black dress for both formal and fun occasions.

Attending a wedding? Slip into a pair of red heels and bling up. Going for a Christmas brunch or dinner buffet? Wear it with sneakers, and some accessories. Keep one in your bag if you’re out with your baby/babies/kids (someone might puke on you #truestory), and always pack one in your carry-on bag in case your luggage gets misplaced (#touchwood!).

This makes a black dress a true investment – you can wear them everywhere. And the best thing is, they don’t have to be expensive to look good.

Ahead, you’ll find nine black dress options in different styles that are good for work and/or play.

Text: Shi Min, NUYOU / Translation & Additional Reporting: Simone Wu