ha-neul kim in sneakers
Ha-neul Kim in sneakers. (Photo: Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane)


Most people are tempted to run around in fashionable sneakers all day because they don’t just look good but feel good as well. However they lack the arch support that most running shoes provide, hence that can stress the Achilles tendon in our heels and can also cause hard corns or pain to form on the soles of our feet.

Thin canvas or synthetic tops do not support your feet and the fabric is usually not breathable, like mesh running shoes. This can cause excess sweating and bacterial and fungal infections like tines or athletes’s foot.

Here are some solutions to counter this problem:

  • Look for sneakers with a firm heel counter, this is the plastic inset that is inserted at the back to reinforce a shoe’s heel area.
Sneakers, $235, from Bimba Y Lola.
  • Look for firm soles that do not twist too much through the middle.
  • Add padded insoles that can add more support to your sneakers especially if they are of canvas material.
Photo: Pixabay


  • Air your sneakers regularly to prevent fungal and bacterial growth inside.