Where To Rent A Designer Outfit In Singapore From Just $50

So you’ve just got invited to a swanky gala event where everyone’s going to be dressed up to the nines – sweet!

As much as you’d like to step up your party style and blow everyone away, what you don’t want to do is blow a whole month’s salary on three outfits that are very likely going to end up in the back of your closet by November. Sure, you will be making a lot of fashion sense, but fiscally, the idea is nonsense.

Thank goodness, someone finally got fed up enough to find a solution to our perennial conundrum. Remember when Carrie met Louise in Sex And The City the movie, and Louise introduced us all to Bag, Borrow or Steal (now known as Avelle)? Others like Rent-A-Runway and Girl Meets Dress followed.

These services grant a designer closet to those who are big on fashion but don’t have a big fashion fund for luxury wear.  Whether it’s a fabulous dress or a statement clutch, you can simply rent it for a fraction of the retail price.

While you save a bunch of money, you can also be sure that you will never again have to appear in the same dress twice. Let’s get the party started, shall we?

Where To Rent A Designer Outfit In Singapore From Just $50
(Screenshot from Rent A Dress)

  1. Rent A Dress

Launched in May last year, Rent A Dress has a perfectly raid-able closet full of designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Badgeley Mischka and Monique Llhuillier. It’s almost as if you’re borrowing from Blair Waldorf. The style of dresses to expect? Let’s just say you’d be as likely to find something for a garden party as you would for a black-tie dinner — the whole gamut.

How It Works

Try on your dress for 24 hours. Like it? It’s yours to wear and Instagram for three days. After which, they will pick it up from you. Yes, laundry is taken care of. All you have to do is shop and find The One. There’s also the option to shop at their showroom. Appointment required.


Rental starts from S$55. There’s a “try-it-on” fee, rental fee and delivery charge. Details and prices here.

Where To Rent A Designer Outfit In Singapore From Just $50

(Screenshot from Style Lease)

2. Style Lease

If we were the type of people who judge by appearances, then Style Lease certainly had us at “hello”. Everything from the professional and clean layout to the photography and navigation makes us want to rent something, pronto. The mix of designers from cool indie to luxury also has us pretty excited. Think AG Studio, Camilla And Marc, Vera Wang, Halston Heritage and Truly Zac Posen, just to name a few. Sizes run from US 4 to 12.

How It Works

Shop, reserve and rent for four days, and return (a concierge will take care of everything from delivery, pick up and dry-cleaning). They even offer a track-your-order service. If you’d like to be sure, make an appointment (there’s online calendar) to visit their showroom.


Rental starts from S$50.

Where To Rent A Designer Outfit In Singapore From Just $50

(Screenshot from Covetella)

3. Covetella

Here’s a way to earn money off your unwanted dresses and select from a range of beautiful secondhand frocks for your upcoming event! Perfect if you’re always busy, as they’ll take care of all the dry cleaning, insurance and shipping. It’s like a closet that just keeps giving back, what’s not to like?

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How it works

List your dresses (and/or accessories) on the site, and receive cash every time your piece is rented out. You can store them in Covetella’s showroom or keep them at home and they’ll arrange an easy pickup and delivery each time an order is placed.

To rent, pick your dress from the site’s large collection and it’ll be delivered 1 business day before or you can make an appointment in the showroom for a fitting.


Rental starts from $40.

Where To Rent A Designer Outfit In Singapore From Just $50

(Screenshot from Luxe For Lease)

4. Luxe For Lease 

Goodbye bag envy, hello Chanel! The selection here is pretty limited, but if you’re a Chanel fan and can’t quite bring yourself to spend thousands on a handbag, this could be the answer to your prayers for now. Luxe For Lease is a newly launched portal that offers designer handbags for lease.

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How It Works

Pick your favourite Chanel, decide how long you’d like to flaunt it (from one week to three months), and when your lease is up, they will schedule a pick-up.


Rental starts from S$99 a week. Charges for late returns or no-shows may apply.

Where To Rent A Designer Outfit In Singapore From Just $50

(Screenshot from That Bag I Want)

5. That Bag I Want

Want to flaunt more than just Chanel? Try That Bag I Want. It’s a no-frills website that loans you your bag of the week or month, or for as long as 12 weeks for members with an active account. You can even buy it with the option to pay by an affordable weekly instalment program.

Their catalogue lists about 40 brands including Celine, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chloe and Loewe. They also provide a “Care A Bag” service , and lets you sell your own bags (yay, extra cash!) Oh, bags aside, we see accessories, too.

How It Works

Select your bag, pay directly through credit or debit card, or through purchase of what TBIW calls “Baggies points” More details here.


Bag rental starts from S$55.

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Text: Alexa Fang/Additional Reporting: Elizabeth Liew
Main photo: Pixabay

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