Shapewear by Lazywaist has given lifestyle influencer Yeoh Mong “Mongabong” Chin an easier way to get back in shape. Credit: Lazywaist

For lifestyle influencer Yeoh Mong Chin, better known as “Mongabong“, exercise has always been her go-to whenever she needed to get in shape. This is why she was pleasantly surprised when she found herself choosing shapewear to sculpt her body after she gave birth last year.

The waist training shapewear, created by homegrown company Lazywaist, is specifically designed to offer busy ladies and mothers a hassle-free and comfortable way to get in shape. Waist training is a practice that involves wearing a tightly-laced corset or waist trainer for extended periods to cinch the midsection, helping the wearer achieve a slimmer silhouette.

Waist training is a practice that involves wearing a tightly-laced corset or waist trainer for extended periods to cinch the midsection, helping the wearer work towards achieving a slimmer silhouette. Credit: Lazywaist

“I was quite sceptical about it at first. But after giving it a try, I came to realise how effective it is,” says the 30-year-old.

Mong Chin found herself enjoying the support The Shape, Lazywaist’s waist-training shapewear, provided for her core, which helped her improve her posture and regain her core strength after giving birth. It also works well with her busy schedule since she can wear it on the go.

Today, she still wears Lazywaist’s products, simply for the support it provides and additional benefits she discovered. She particularly enjoys wearing Lazywaist’s sculpting shaperpants, The Slim, as it helps her in reducing water retention.

“I enjoy wearing The Slim, especially when I go on flights. My body no longer swells up as much from water retention after a long flight. The difference is huge. It changes how I feel both internally and externally,” she shares.

The Slim, the ultimate shaper pants, offers a flattering fit with lightweight yet powerful support. Featuring a high-waist design and a fully-bonded front panel, it flattens the waist and trims the tummy while steel bones in the side panels refine the silhouette. Credit: Lazywaist

Fellow influencer and mum-of-three Melissa Koh is also a fan of the shapewear, but for different reasons.

The svelte 34-year-old, who has never worn compression wear prior to Lazywaist, says her shapewear journey wasn’t as intimidating as she imagined thanks to the supportive and encouraging team at Lazywaist. More importantly, the results spoke for themselves – Melissa got back in shape just four months after giving birth to her third child.

“They came to my house, did my fitting for me and guided me through every product they have. I got to experience it at my own pace and did not feel pressured to have to wear it all the time in order to see results,” says Melissa.

As for influencer and new mum Cheryl Chin, Lazywaist’s shapewear has proven to not only be a great slimming tool but also the perfect outfit for working out. The Slim is comfortable enough to stretch and move in, yet so compressive that your body works doubly hard while you are burning calories at the gym, she explains.

“I would wear The Slim to my HIIT and pilates classes, and even when I’m lifting weights at the gym. It’s incredibly comfortable and gets the job done,” says Cheryl.

Influencers Yeoh Mong Chin, Cheryl Chin and Melissa Koh (seated, from left) are among those who have found Lazywaist an effective way to achieve their desired figures. Credit: Lazywaist

Reshaping shapewear

The desire to empower women and help them feel confident in what they wear was what inspired Shapewear brand Lazywaist’s founder Jas Chua to start her label. As a mother looking to bounce back from her pregnancies, Jas was not able to find suitable compression wear in Singapore that provided the desired effect that her postpartum massages offered. Then she came across a medical-grade compression fabric from Korea which was worn by post-liposuction patients during recovery.

Jas shares: “The fabric fulfilled the three markers that I was looking for – comfort, safety and effectiveness.” And while medical-grade compression wear offers 40mmHG and above of compression and is available by prescription only, Lazywaist’s shapewear offers compression at 35mmHg. Compared to typical sports compression wear that clocks in at around 20 to 25 mmHg of compression, this is substantial enough to distinguish it from its competitors, without sacrificing comfort or health.

Combined with luxurious fabrics in ultra-flattering designs, the Lazywaist series of shapewear offers a more effective and comfortable way to a shapely silhouette, especially when combined with its personalised eight-week regimen for wearing and “waist training”.

Recognising that individuals may be looking to train their waist for different reasons and results, Lazywaist has created four collections to cater to every need.

The Shape, an essential for those new to waist training, is a 9-steel boned shaper that helps to sculpt your waistline as you gradually drop hook sizes to achieve that hourglass figure. Credit: Lazywaist

To get that hourglass figure

For those new to waist training and want the perfect hourglass silhouette, Lazywaist recommends checking out the Waist Training collection, which comprises The Shape, a nine-steel boned shaper, as well as The Fix, a double-layer zipped shaper. While The Shape helps “trim” the waist fat pockets and tuck in tummy pouches by the gradual dropping of hook sizes; The Fix, made of a light and comfortable material, helps condition the body for waist training by providing the support to hold your waist in place. According to Lazywaist, The Fix also contains special heat-retention properties to increase sweat production, making it suitable for workouts for an added boost.

To look slimmer

If you’re wanting to achieve an overall slimmer look, Lazywaist’s Body Slimming collection, which comprises The Slim and The Sculpt compression garments, is designed to create a smoothing effect so that your lower body and arms can look slimmer and more toned. And with prolonged wear, these compression garments can help to close the fat voids in your body, tightening your arms and thighs as well. Compared to the shapewear from the Waist Training collection, these garments are targeted at creating a slimmer silhouette instead of focusing on reducing your waistline.

To feel good on a night out

Want something that you can wear confidently under even a little black dress? The Desire from The Intimates Collection is a tummy-tucker panty designed to provide utmost comfort with its silky, laced finishing, while it contours your core and gives your bum a lift. With hidden rows of hooks that allow you to adjust the tension of the intimate wear and a practical front zipper design, The Desire is not only nice to look at but also easy to wear.

The Desire, a staple party favourite worn under dresses, offers comfort while contouring your silhouette and enhancing the lift of your bum. With ultimate compression technology, the shaper panty tucks the tummy in seconds, allowing for a sleek and snug look. Credit: Lazywaist

To get back in shape after pregnancy

The creme de la creme of the brand is the Postpartum collection, which comprises waist shapers, The Shape and The Fix, that targets the waist, tummy and pelvic area and the medical grade compression shaper pants, The Slim, which targets the thighs, hips, and calves to reduce postpartum swelling and water retention.

Also central to this collection is an eight-week regime that will guide wearers on how to wear the products for optimal results. Depending on your needs and body type, you may choose between the more intensive Postpartum Regime which involves wearing the shapewear for longer hours to tighten the tummy area, or the gentler Essentials Postpartum Regime.

For added comfort and convenience, consider the Perfect Fit Measurement service. With this service, personalised fittings will be conducted by skilled Lazywaist professionals in the comfort of your home, offering you a hassle-free way to find the shapewear that best fits you and meets your lifestyle needs.

Says Jas: “Understanding the science has allowed us to identify the most effective process for amazing results – Lazywaist curates a regime for each of our products to guide our customers on a safe and effective waist training journey.”

Ultimately, says Jas, Lazywaist is about helping women gain a healthy sense of self-confidence, no matter which stage of their lives they are at. “Often, for many women, everything in their lives takes precedence over taking care of themselves. I hope with Lazywaist, they get a chance to put themselves first, so that they always feel their best to take care of those around them.”

Lazywaist is available online. You can also try on the pieces at Mothercare Paragon until the end of October.

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