A modern HDB flat with sliding doors separating the bedroom and living room
Opening up bi-fold doors between rooms can make the home feel more airy and spacious.

Take Walls Down
Removing the walls separating the bedroom and the living room, and/or the kitchen and the living room can add spaciousness. Install bi-fold doors where the wall was, to add privacy when used, and open up when unused to make the living room seem larger.

view of a modern HDB kitchen
The custom-made dining table has storage units built within the table’s support.

Build Creative Storage Spaces
Create customised storage units into furniture or into existing structures, for example, in an odd gap created by a pillar or beam, as stand-alone shelves and cabinets takes up more space. And build wall-to-wall cabinets to store and hide things and double them up as a decorative features.

Bedroom of a HDB flat with a fresh green feature wall.
To save space, the built-in closet features black sliding glass doors that also adds a glam feel.

Slide And Hide
Traditional swinging doors take up more space when they open and close so use space-saving sliding doors as much as possible around the home. For example, fit in such doors in the bathrooms and wardrobes. Sliding doors are not recommended for the bedrooms if homeowners mind the noise.

Text: Jolaine Chua, Home & Decor, February 2016 / Additional reporting: Sylvia Ong
Photo: Home & Decor

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