When it comes to decorating your home, all that really matters is having something you’re happy with at the end of the day. Your living space should reflect your own personal style and taste. While there are many trends out there, not everything may appeal to you.

If you’re unsure about a home style trend but love how it looks, read this list of home decor pros and cons that might help you weigh your options better:

5 Home Decor Pros and Cons Layering Maximalism

  1. Layers On Layers (or Maximalism)

PROs: This look is all about more is more! You can include everything you love, regardless of style, period, colour, shape, material or origin – though, it does help to have at least one common thread (colour, for example). Maximalism is a fun way to decorate because you can keep layering; artworks over wallpaper, rugs over more rugs, plenty of tableware and lots of knick-knacks. The sky’s the limit with this look!

CONs: On the other hand, maximalism can be too overwhelming for some. With all the visual noise, coming home to this look might give you a headache of bring on claustrophobia. The mix of styles, prints and finishes can look confusing – and, if you’re not a confident curator and decorator, quite messy, too.

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5 Home Decor Pros and Cons leaning art

2. Leaning artwork against the wall

PROs: Leaning your art against the wall may seem a nonchalant way to decorate, but it just looks so effortless and cool. Canvas or framed – it doesn’t matter, but bigger is better, so choose the largest piece your room can handle. And why just stop at one artwork? Layer and overlap several, starting with a large one at the back. Mix and match paintings and prints, colour with monochrome.

CONs: The artwork isn’t secured to the wall, so what if it falls over? A large one could do some serious damage. Imagine if it falls on a dinner guest? How embarrassing. Also, if it’s on the floor, a passer-by could kick it, damaging your precious investment. This look all sounds a bit risky. Proceed with caution.

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5 Home Decor Pros and Cons Symmetry

3. Symmetrical look

PROs: Nothing brings harmony to an interior quite like symmetry. Be it a pair of lamps, chairs, side tables or artworks, things just look great in twos. The balance is visually pleasing, it makes you feel calm and your interior resolved. Really, symmetry is the failproof way to an elegant interior – even those who lack decorating nous can feel confident in employing this chic styling trick.

CONs: Symmetry can be too formal, stiff, even uptight. And it limits decorating possibilities. What if you get a new objet d’art? You can’t just whack a random piece into a symmetrical vignette – it will defeat the whole point of styling symmetrically. A message to symmetry: loosen up.

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5 Home Decor Pros and Cons feature wall

4. Feature Wall

PROs: Want to make a big impact in a short amount of time? A feature wall is your best bet. It can be done in just a matter of hours, and the effect is, well, see for yourself. A great wallpaper can set the tone for the whole room, adding colour or pattern where needed. In a compact bedroom, a feature wall can double as a bedhead. It can also be used to define a zone in an open-plan living area. What’s not to love?

CONs: A random feature wall can make a room look unfinished, like you couldn’t be bothered doing the rest. It can also visually bring walls in to make a room feel smaller. Similarly, it can highlight low ceiling heights. And then, there’s the issue of application – unless you get the experts in, you risk a feature-wall fail (misaligned patterns, bubbles – no!).

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5 Home Decor Pros and Cons TV wall

5. TV Wall Gallery

PROs: Most of us watch TV every day. So you may as well keep it on display. There are ways to make it look attractive – case in point, the TV art hang. This is where you treat your flatscreen like an artwork and arrange it with other art pieces in a gallery-hang scenario. It looks creative, feels cohesive and allows the TV to blend in with your decor.

CONs: TVs are big, bulky and the antithesis of a chic interior – and it’s hard to disguise them completely unless it’s behind cupboard doors. Mounting it in a gallery hang might just distract attention away from your beautiful artworks. Then, there’s the problem of all the electrical cords  – what do you do with those? How do you make them look good?

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