The storeroom is an often neglected part of the home, where everything and anything goes. Photo albums, old fitness equipment, children’s toys, books, tools and a myriad of things collected from the years tend to pile up there.

If it gives you a headache every time you go to find and retrieve something, it is perhaps time to organise and declutter your storeroom. Here are 5 handy organising tips to bear in mind when packing your storeroom to save you time and energy in future:

organising hacks for your storeroom
1. Clear containers

Clear boxes make looking for that elusive item so much easier, and you won’t have to comb through boxes and boxes of things to find the one you’re looking for!

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2. Magnetic containers

Make full use of the backs of doors with magnets and capsules that you can find from shops like Daiso. Best for small items that would otherwise get lost in bigger containers.

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organising hacks for your storeroom 3

3. Adjustable shelves

These are ideal for small spaces, as you can adjust the shelves’ heights to suit different storage needs and wants. It’ll make the space look more presentable and organized!

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4. Pegboards

Easily reach for your tools, craft supplies or even toys with pegboards that can also double up as a nice display in the storeroom. While less easy to find in shops here, try apps like Gumtree and Carousell.

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organising tips for your storeroom 5

5. Labelled baskets

If clear containers look too messy for you, try wicker or linen baskets and label them clearly.

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6. Place items of frequent usage in front

By keeping items that you use more often in front, you will first be able to reach them more easily. Also, it will then be unnecessary to shift away boxes or items to reach the item that you want. This eliminates unnecessary mess and inconvenience!

rubbish bin

 7. Check and clear items in the store room periodically

To prevent hoarding of items, check your storeroom frequently to throw away old items or to give away items that have not been used for more than half a year. This will prevent the accumulation of objects in the storage room and will enable you to declutter more efficiently.

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