mini potted plants on a windowsill
Having plants at home is one of the top design trends of 2016.
  1. Place Them Near Sunlight
    All plants need sunlight to grow so put them near sources of sunlight like the balcony or window.
  2. Anchor With Big Plants…
    A look that’s quite popular now is to have one big tropical plant with big leaves for a dramatic effect. Choose one with a nice, clean shape which suits most contemporary spaces.
  3. And Little Plants For Details
    Consider succulents like cactus, which are easy to maintain, and place them in small plant pots on wall-mounted shelves at eye-level. These are also easy to pot, so be creative in their containers. Think dainty teacups and even egg cups for smaller plants.
  4. Go Vertical
    No space? Look to wall-mounted planters and hanging pots. Hanging glass holders are great-looking options, and plants with trailing leaves gives a lovely effect. Handmade products are also in, and macrame pot holders are right on trend too.
  5. Don’t Forget Terrariums
    Terrariums add an instant shot of greenery for any tabletop. For something more affordable, go for the inexpensive money plant which looks good and easy to grow so you can have multiple different pots.

Text: Rebeckka Wong, Home & Decor, February 2016
Photo: Pixabay

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