1. Take Out The Trash Every Night

5 Ways To Keep Home Pest Free_1

When you leave your trash out, you’re inviting pests to enter your home. Make it a habit to take the trash out every night and dispose of raw food waste immediately.

2. Clean Your Sink Regularly 

10 Kitchen Habits Making Your Sick_Cleaning Sink

You’d be surprised at how insects and other pests can actually crawl up your drainage pipe at home. Every time, when you wash plates and let leftover food find its way into your sink’s drainage pipe, you’re inviting pests into your home.

Cleanse your draining pipe by pouring half a cup of baking soad and half a cup of vinegar to dissolve leftover food particles. Afterwards, rinse with boiling water.

3. Grow Insect Repellant Plants

mini potted plants on a windowsill

Some plants like Citronella, Marigold and Catnip can help to repel some insects from entering your house.

Alternatively, get yourself some citronella or lemongrass spray and spray your curtains with them to keep insects like mosquitos and flies out.

4. Click Your Counter Tops Properly

10 Kitchen Habits Making Your Sick_Not Washing Sink

Make it a point to clean your kitchen countertops and stove every night to keep food particles from constantly building up. This way, pests don’t havea reason to come into your home.

5. Get Pest Control Netting

SW0716A_3M Window Film_Image_Window Film

Get those magnetic pest control nests that keep tiny critters out. This way, you can still leave your windows open without worying about mosquitoes or bees entering your home.