1. Choose The Right Table Centrepiece

5 Ways To Throw A Party Like Lauren Conrad_Flowers

As Lauren shared on her site, it’s important to have a table setting that isn’t so high so guests don’t feel the need to crane their necks to socialise with each other.


2. Stick To Dishes That Are Tried and Tested

Do not reheat leafy greens
Whether you’re cooking it yourself or getting a catering company to help out, be sure to pick dishes that are sure crowd pleasers. By now, you’d know what your guests enjoy and the sort of foods that bode well with them.
3. Set Hors D’Oeuvres In The Middle of the Room 

Hors d'Oeurves_Restaurant TermsPutting it in the middle or at different corners of the space encourages people to mingle and talk.


4. Set The Mood With Music

5 Ways To Throw A Party Like Lauren Conrad_MusicIt’s one of the easiest ways to create ambience.

5. Assigned Seatings Could Help

5 Ways To Throw A Party Like Lauren Conrad_Guest Sitting

Assigned seatings could help dinner conversation flow better because you’d be putting guests with more in common together.