Bathrooms are an important extension of any home these days. For one, it goes beyond just answering nature’s calls. Many homeowners see their bathroom as a daily wellness retreat and private sanctuary, while others use the bathroom as a quiet place area to read, clock in some me-time, and generate creative ideas.

Xiaomi Smart Toilet

Lately, my friend was sharing with me about a spanking new gadget installed in her bathroom – a Xiaomi smart toilet seat bidet system. It gives your regular toilet seat a range of functions from heating, self-cleaning, to feminine wash – the usual that are widely available in the market. 

Unlike in other Asian countries like Japan and Taiwan, smart toilet accessories are not as common in Singapore homes.  10 easy-to-install and reasonably-priced bathroom accessories to inspire you with an elevated smart bathroom experience.

Urban Home Living 3-Way Smart Sensor Dustbin, $22.90

Adding a smart sensor dustbin to your bathroom takes your toilet game to the next level – and it will definitely impress your guests. As this is a waterproof dustbin, it is safe for it to be in wet bathrooms as well.

A simple wave activates the lid to open. It even comes with a built-in futuristic-looking LED light that is helpful at night. The deodorant compartment will come in handy to place your mothballs or even some diffuser to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

3-way smart sensor dustbin costs from $22.90, available in 12, 14, and 16 L, with two colours of dark grey and white on Urban Home Living.

Shopee Automatic Flush Sensor, $26.90

If you are used to automatic flush toilets in shopping malls and office buildings, then consider installing an automatic flush sensor in your own home. 

The automatic flush sensor is waterproof and useful for families with children, as it may be difficult for them to reach out and exert enough pressure to press fully on the flush buttons located on top of the WC unit.

However, the automatic flush sensor only comes with one sensor control, and will not allow for a half flush.

Automatic flush sensor is on sale at $26.90 on Shopee.

Shopee Automatic Soap Dispenser with Temperature Display, $31.45

We have all seen and used an automatic soap dispenser before, but have you seen one that tells you the room temperature too? Elegantly designed with a trim of rose gold, this soap dispenser comes with a LED display to tell you the room temperature, battery level, and you get to select up to three levels of foam speed.

Comes with a wall-mounting sticker and a 300 ml capacity for soap.

Automatic soap dispenser with temperature display is retailing at $31.45, and comes in black or white on Shopee.

Shopee UV Toothbrush Sterilizer Holder Set, $34.45

Have you ever noticed black spots of mould form at the bottom of a regular toothbrush holder cup? Well, I had experienced it and, hence, I looked for alternatives instead. 

With this wall-mounted toothbrush holder, you get the automatic UV sterilisation and wind-drying function activated the moment you close it after each use. The LED display shows you the battery level and it is easily rechargeable. You even get to enjoy the toothpaste wall-mounted holder to keep your bathroom countertop clear and easy for wipe-downs.

UV toothbrush steriliser holder set is retailing at $34.45, comes in white or pink colour options on Shopee.

Fitbit Aria Air – Bluetooth Smart Scale, $58

Health and fitness buffs will want one of these in their bathrooms – a smart weighing scale. Fitbit Aria Air is unlike any other commonplace weighing scale for it comes with Bluetooth and app connectivity. On the Fitbit app, you get to track your BMI in charts and graphs, while linking up with your Fitbit watches and trackers to work hand-in-hand toward your fitness goals.

Fitbit Aria Air is retailing at $58, and it comes in black or white on Shopee.

JBL Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker, $79.90

Do you love singing in the shower? With a waterproof speaker in your bathroom, you can be grooving and dance in the shower too. Comes with a handy loop, JBL Go 3 is designed to be both waterproof and dustproof, hardy enough to brace against heat or water.

You can hang it on a shower hook, or bring it out for your next outdoor picnic with your friends.

JBL Go 3 portable waterproof speaker is on sale at $79.90, comes in black, grey, yellow, blue, and green colour options on Shopee.

Xiaomi Smart Electric Towel Rail, $100

Heated towel rails are an essential in Taiwanese households, but not so much in Singapore. However, the humidity in Singapore often causes bath towels to have a musky lingering smell as the bathroom remains moist and does not have sufficient air circulation.

Unlike a regular bar design, the Xiaomi smart electric towel rail has a larger build that reminds me of an oversized door handle. On top of heating your bath towels with three heat settings, it also sterilises with silver ions and kills any inhibiting germs.

Xiaomi smart electric towel rail is retailing at $100 on Shopee.

Shopee Bathroom Smart LED Mirror, $108

Is your bathroom mirror lit? Does it tell you the time and temperature, and defogs with a tap too? Well, this Shopee smart LED mirror does it all. The LED mirror comes with three light settings – warm, daylight, and cool light.

The additional feature of the time and temperature display also gives you the essential information you need right from the bathroom.

Bathroom smart LED mirror is priced from $108 on Shopee.

Shopee Smart Toilet Seat Cover with Bidet Spray, $291.86

Those of you who use bidets, know. Here’s a Shopee smart toilet seat with a bidet spray attached. If you don’t like pesky germs, you’d be assured knowing that it comes with self-sterilisation too.

Additionally, you get to set the water and seat temperature, as well as opt for a hot or cold water massage on top of the bidet functions. As it is in the form of a toilet seat cover, you do not have to change out your whole toilet unit just to enjoy the feature. Simply plug the smart toilet seat cover into a power supply installed safely by a plumber and you’re good to go.

Smart toilet seat cover with bidet spray is retailing at $291.86 on Shopee.

Inovo Mira Waterfall Hydrotherapy Rain Shower Set, $390

What better way to celebrate the end of a day than to take a rewarding hot shower? With Inovo Mira waterfall hydrotherapy rain shower set, you can enjoy a luxurious rain shower that beats going on retail therapy any day.

This smart rain shower comes with five shower functions, including a vertical massage hydro jet for an acupoint massage in the shower.

It comes in a modern and elegant one-piece design that incorporates the rain shower as well as the massage jets. It is also designed with a lower tap, and a separate handheld shower for easier cleaning of the bathroom. You will get to choose from luxurious colours of gold, silver, or jet black for the Inovo Mira rain shower set.

Inovo Mira waterfall hydrotherapy rain shower set retails from $390, comes in gold, silver and jet black on Inovo.

Text: Jyn Teo/Home & Decor