When you have guests coming over, the last thing you want them to see is a dirty and dusty home. Stray hairs and lint on the couch, dust gathered on shelves and window ledges. Not only is it unsightly, it’s also detrimental to you and your loved one’s health and wellbeing. But with your busy schedule, juggling the demands of work and family, how can you get your entire living space clean in as little time as possible?

Enter: the Bosch Flexxo ProAnimal Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner BBH3ZOO25. This handy two-in-one device is both a handheld and handstick in one body, and comes integrated with multiple accessories to effortlessly clean up all kinds of dirt from floor to ceiling, leaving your home spick and span in no time. Plus, it comes in a gorgeous tomato red colour.

Watch this video to see the vacuum cleaner in action:

Here are four areas of your home that you can conveniently clean with the Bosch Flexxo Handstick Vacuum Cleaner:

The Bosch Flexxo ProAnimal Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner BBH3ZOO25, $799, will be available at leading electronic and department stores from end February 2019. Visit www.bosch-home.com.sg/flexxo for more.

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