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The heart of the home is your kitchen, where the making of meals and the breaking of bread bring the family together. To ensure your food is stored for optimal freshness, a reliable refrigerator is imperative – which is why so many turn to LG, a trusted brand for consumer electronics and home appliances.

A market leader of the Korean electronics industry for over five decades, LG – which stands for ‘Life’s Good’ – has consistently developed convenience-enhancing features in their thoughtfully designed products to make life easier for everyone. Unafraid to push the boundaries of innovation, LG continues to surprise with its technologically advanced kitchen electronics that are functional, ergonomic, and environmentally-friendly. It is no surprise, then, that their state-of-the-art refrigerators possess exceptional features that make them stand out.

The first of its kind, LG’s Door-In-Door refrigerator was released in 2010. This feature meant you could organise frequently accessed items easily without opening the entire door and letting precious cold air escape. Researchers also discovered that 50 to 120 kwh of electricity was wasted every year from cold air escaping whenever the refrigerator door was opened. No wonder LG won Best Refrigerator (Door-In-Door) in The Weekly’s Domestic Diva Awards in 2015, and Best Refrigerator (Multi-Door) in 2016.

To double the convenience, LG introduced their latest innovation: The world’s first Dual Door-In-Door refrigerator, the InstaView Door-In-Door GS-X6011NS Refrigerator. It allows you to see everything in the fridge, without having to open any doors at all. Knock twice and its mirrored glass panel lights up, so you can peek inside the compartment.

To ensure a hygienic storage environment, the InstaView Door-In-Door refrigerator comes with a five-step Hygiene Fresh+ air filter that removes bacteria while eradicating odours. Its FreshBalancer feature ensures produce is kept at optimal temperatures for maximum freshness while the Inverter Linear Compressor regulates temperatures for energy-saving performance.

Taking things up a notch, this technological wonder comes equipped with LG Smart ThinQ – a feature that lets you control your refrigerator remotely. Be it checking on settings or adjusting temperatures, all you need is your smartphone to manage your fridge settings anywhere.

Handy Helpers
Make light work of daily chores with these advanced automations

DRY-CLEAN LESS OFTEN WITH LG STYLER The LG Styler refreshes and sanitises clothes and soft toys with the TrueSteam™ technology that reduces allergens up to 99.99%.

Food aside, LG also helps you take care of your closet with its innovative Styler. Winner of the 2017 award for Best Garment Steamer (Innovative) in The Weekly’s Domestic Diva Awards, its TrueSteam technology lets you sanitise your clothes while removing wrinkles and eliminating unpleasant smells.

For crisp, odour-free outfits, its Moving Hanger gently shakes the clothes at 180 revolutions per minute, while its Easy Pants Crease Care smooths out the wrinkles behind the knees for smooth, presentable clothing.

Forget about tedious sun-drying for your laundry, too. With its Inverter Heat Pump System, special-care clothing such as cashmere sweaters or wool socks can be dried quickly without any damage.

Download specialised cycles to your SmartPhone with the NFC Tag On feature, so you can upload it to the Styler. For efficient troubleshooting, its Smart Diagnosis feature is there to help. With smart technology to assist around the house, life is really so much easier with LG.

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