Brought to you by Renuzit
The first thing anyone notices when they step into your home is not the decor or the furniture, or even how big your TV is – It’s how your home smells. That’s because smell is the most powerful sense which affects us and it can evoke a range of strong emotions from happiness, nostalgia, hunger to even a state of wonderment and contentment. 

So make that first impression for your house guests last and give your family members a nice-smelling environment to live in with the help of natural air fresheners. A different scent in each room also creates character for that particular space and evokes nice memories for everyone who inhabits it. Here are our suggestions:

Made from biodegradable materials which are 100 per cent recyclable, Renuzit Cone Air Fresheners use 98 per cent naturally-sourced ingredients and ensure no harmful cancer-causing phthalates are added to the fragrance, so you and your loved ones can feel safe while enjoying a pleasant-smelling environment.

Forever Raspberry, Lovely Lavender, After the Rain and Wildflower Dream will make your home smell like a garden with the increased 25% fragrance intensity. While Pure Breeze and Clean Citrus are the only cones in the market to provide 2X Odour Neutralizing power to eliminate unwanted odour in your kitchen, bathroom, or when you are fighting off pet and tobacco odours. 

At $2.45 each, from all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and selected petrol marts.

Brought to you by Renuzit.