Use fresh fruits in drinks
Bar guru Tim Phillips suggests using fresh fruit in your drinks – they will taste and look better.

Spirits – The basics, including gin, tequila, rum, bourbon, scotch and vodka.
Mixers – Bitters, sweet and dry vermouths, fresh fruit (don’t waste money on fruit liqueurs), ginger ale, soda and tonic water.
Tools – A cocktail shaker, strainer, mixing spoon for stirring and measuring, and a jigger to pour shots.

Globlets – Cut down on glassware by choosing a style suitable for cocktails like Pimm’s as well as red and white wines.
Tumblers – Short glasses are a must for gin and tonics and anything neat, while highballs are essential for mojitos or anything with juice.
Martini Glasses – A favourite among ladies and perfect for margaritas and lychee martinis.

Text: Tim Phillips, Woman’s Day, Bauer Syndication / Additional Reporting: Sean Tan
Photo: Pixabay