Whether you’re hosting a Chinese New Year party or not, it’s important to get your house clean in case guests pop in unexpectedly. It’s also better for health to detox your home at least once a year, especially when furnishings like curtains and carpets are concerned.

spring cleaning services
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Home spring cleaning services and specialists are gaining popularity with busy Singaporean households because they’re so convenient when you have a thousand and one things to do during this festive period.

Tips before you call:

– Make a list of your highest-priority tasks – including things that are too cumbersome for you to handle – so that you can communicate these needs to the cleaning company.

– If you would like stubborn stains be removed from upholstery, send in pictures first to check if they can be treated.

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Here are five spring cleaning services and specialists for hire to get your house spick and span for CNY:


1. Home Cleanz

Home Cleanz  has a wide range of services – among  the widest in this industry. Besides spring-cleaning and upholstery cleaning, they can polish marble and parquet floors and even paint your house!

– Sofa: They handle only fabric sofas, which are cleaned using machines emitting steam or ultraviolet light.

– Curtains: These are dry-cleaned at their facility; steam-cleaning is available for blackout curtains.

The team will arrange for a  free site inspection before providing a quotation. As a gauge, expect to  pay $400 for spring-cleaning by three  cleaners for three to four hours, for a  five-room HDB flat. For drapes and upholstery, prices range from $9 a kilo for dry-cleaning  curtains (additional $20 for dismantling  and installation) to $90 for a one- seater sofa. Prices stated exclude GST.

Chinese New Year Surcharge:
A surcharge applies in the lead-up to  Chinese New Year. Contact Home Cleanz for details.

Website: homecleanz.com | Tel: 6440-3342

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2. SG Clean Xpert

Extensive spring-cleaning, as well as specialised cleaning for mattresses, sofas (fabric and leather), curtains, carpets, and floors (they can polish marble and parquet ones).

– Mattress and Sofa: The cleaners will use a machine to apply cleaning  products on these furnishings to clean them thoroughly. Alert them beforehand if the material of your furniture is sensitive to chemicals.

– Curtains: The team will help you remove the drapes, clean them at their facility, and put them back up afterwards.

– Carpet: Depending on the type of carpet, they’ll advise if the steam or shampoo option is more suitable.

$520 for spring-cleaning  by two to four cleaners for four to  six hours, for a five-room HDB flat.  Cleaning a one-seater fabric sofa or  a single-size mattress costs $200. For  curtain cleaning and floor polishing, send in photos of your curtains and  floors for a quotation. Prices stated are nett.

Chinese New Year Surcharge:

Website: www.sgcleanxpert.com | Tel: 8463-7671

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3. E Home Services

They offer a comprehensive spring-cleaning service, as well as dedicated services like sanitising sofas (fabric ones only), curtains, mattresses and carpets. However, you need to provide them with cleaning products and a vacuum cleaner to clean your home, or pay an additional sum for them to bring their own. The home cleaning and upholstery departments are independent, so you might need to coordinate with different customer service representatives.

– Mattress and Carpet: They use a combination of foam cleaning and vacuuming for mattresses and carpets. Carpets are taken to their facility to be cleaned.

– Curtains: If you just need to sanitise your drapes, they will steam-clean them. But if the curtains have very stubborn stains, opt for their laundry service instead.

$349 (excludes cleaning products) for spring-cleaning by two cleaners for five hours, for a five-room HDB flat. Additional $110 for cleaning products (you get to keep them afterwards), and $30 if they need to bring their vacuum cleaner. Prices for the cleaning of sofas, carpets, curtains and mattresses range from $30 for a mid-length curtain to $180 for a three-seater sofa. Prices stated are nett.

Chinese New Year Surcharge:
A 20 per cent surcharge for spring-cleaning bookings from Jan 15-28. No surcharge for other cleaning services.

Website: ehomeservices.com.sg | Tel: 6844-3044


4. Fusspro

If you need your mattress, carpet or sofa cleaned, this specialist service is for you.

– Mattress and Sofa: They are vacuumed and spot-cleaned (to get rid of stains) before a protective anti-dust mite spray is applied.

– Carpet: There are two options: dry-cleaning and dual rotary steam-cleaning, both done on site. Fuss Pro will recommend the suitable cleaning method based on the carpet’s material and construction.

– Disinfection: They’ll disinfect your home ─ including furniture and furnishings ─ using biodegradable products.

From $85 for a one-seater fabric sofa and $90 for a single-size mattress to $175 for a rug. Rates for disinfection start from $140 for the first 500 sqf. Prices stated are nett.

Chinese New Year Surcharge:

Website: fuss.sg | Tel: 9616-5167


5. De Hygienique

Here’s another company that specialises in mattress, carpet and sofa cleaning.

  • Mattress and Sofa: They use a cleaning machine which vacuums and emits ultraviolet light to sanitise upholstery. Fabric sofas are treated with a low-moisture foam shampoo that crystallises to remove dirt and dust before an anti-dust mite spray is applied. Leather sofas are shampooed and rubbed with a conditioning cream.
  • Carpet: They will collect it from your home and clean it at their facility.

Send in photos of your furniture for a quotation. As a gauge, it costs $65 to clean a single-size mattress and $70 for a one-seater fabric sofa. Prices exclude GST.

Chinese New Year Surcharge

Website: dh-asia.com | Tel: 6749-1950

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Text: Mia Chenyze, Simply Her / Additional Reporting: Elizabeth Liew
Photos: Pixabay